Leap Year EP

by St. LaRok

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This EP marks a step into the forefront; a milestone from fear of scrutiny or failure. Produced entirely alongside my crew, Miami Beat Wave, it symbolizes a journey beginning with a leap of faith, and resulting in a compilation of work that embodies a year's worth of collaborative effort, struggle, and sacrifice.

These songs are heart and soul, mixed in with a little ingenuity and a lot of creative influence. On behalf of myself and MBW, we present the Leap Year EP.

St. LaRok


released 05 January 2010

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Miami Beat Wave Productions

Lyrics written by St. LaRok except "Old Memories", written by Davincci & St. LaRok

Cover art by The Soulseed




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Track Name: TIME/Leap
Took my time at the wheel/still speeding thru life/kept the time concealed/but you could see it tonight

It was under the seat/but now it's right in my sight/and by the time you can reach/I'm already firing twice

Make up for lost time/time is money/the time is now/ya time's up/cuz mine is funny

And every time I'm hungry, I ask myself/"Is this worth my time?"/and if it's not, then it's taking time from me

And you can't buy time/but somehow I'm always at the right place in the timeline

On the grind all the time/even in my downtime/time is the flyest/and she clockin' from the sideline

But playtime's for players/I spend all of my time trying to save her/becuz I really need her/so my time game is major

When it's game time I thank her/for being on my side/YES, SHE IS/kept it real when them haters tried to take her

They just too impatient/even when I put time aside I still give time to praise her creator

Cuz time is of the essence/at times I feel time is nonexistent/'til I'm reminded time and time again

If ya try to kill time, it'll kill you if ya let it/it's story time/but how many times I gotta tell it?

I'm still here/so obviously they aint found the message - I get flyer by the second 'til the time I find the exit/I'M TIMELESS

And I get better with time/ahead of my time/still several steps from my prime


And I get better with time/ahead of my time/behind several steps from my prime

Track Name: Dynasty
This is a dynasty/no time for minor leagues/

dope rhymes and grimey beats/shine on society...

Hungry on the grind/constantly tryin to find hustle inside of me/

no blind sides/my mind's eye is functioning properly

A fine line divides my grind from robbery/

cuz I'm a lion/I gotta get mine/FUCK THE MODESTY

My aura's that of a warrior who is not at peace/

they unlocked a beast and got LaRok hot off the leash

I'm fire on a beat/rhyme for a week/

bomb the streets with solid, raw molotov heat/Peep...

If it's drama - I spot it/you want a problem - I got it/

I'm on the top of a tower/no warning shots for cowards

Ya fraudulent ass is garbage/you are not sick/

and I do not spit/I vomit a hot sixteen

like bada bing - fuggetaboutit/

naw, it's not fair/but I don't care how you feel about it/GET AROUND IT

Cuz aint no gettin over/you dealin wit a soldier/

the only shit you get is a chip off a cold shoulder

I'm a snake charmer/I control cobras/

wit hypnotizing movements led by the music

They deaf, blind, and stupid/But why the confusion?/

I already said why I do this

I'm true to the art/what you do in the dark comes to light/


But, I never heard a dog bark when it bites/

and ya life just don't resemble ya bars when you write

I aint the type to get caught in the hype/

you the type to get caught and forfeit a fight!

I'm a bit short of a full set of cards/

you the opposite of hard tryin to bullshit wit God!

But my vision is clear/I got rid of the fear/

this real shit about to kill it this year!/Yeah....