Leap Year EP

by S t. L a R o k

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This EP marks a step into the forefront; a milestone from fear of scrutiny or failure. It symbolizes a journey beginning with a leap of faith, and resulting in a compilation of work that embodies a year's worth of collaborative effort, struggle, and sacrifice. These songs are heart and soul, mixed in with a little ingenuity and a lot of creative influence.

S t. L a R o k


released January 5, 2010

Produced, recorded, and mixed by St. LaRok, Chip Williams, & Miami Beat Wave Productions

Lyrics written by St. LaRok except "Old Memories", written by DaVincci & S t. L a R o k

"Old Memories" produced by DaVincci

Cover art by The Soulseed




all rights reserved


S t. L a R o k New York

INFLUENCED BY MANY. FOLLOWER OF NONE...the product of 80's avant-garde eclecticism, early 90's Hip Hop aesthetic, and now-skool sensibilities.

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Track Name: TIME/Leap
Took my time at the wheel/still speeding thru life/kept the time concealed/but you could see it tonight

It was under the seat/but now it's right in my sight/and by the time you can reach/I'm already firing twice

Make up for lost time/time is money/the time is now/ya time's up/cuz mine is funny

And every time I'm hungry, I ask myself/"Is this worth my time?"/and if it's not, then it's taking time from me

And you can't buy time/but somehow I'm always at the right place in the timeline

On the grind all the time/even in my downtime/time is the flyest/and she clockin' from the sideline

But playtime's for players/I spend all of my time trying to save her/becuz I really need her/so my time game is major

When it's game time I thank her/for being on my side/YES, SHE IS/kept it real when them haters tried to take her

They just too impatient/even when I put time aside I still give time to praise her creator

Cuz time is of the essence/at times I feel time is nonexistent/'til I'm reminded time and time again

If ya try to kill time, it'll kill you if ya let it/it's story time/but how many times I gotta tell it?

I'm still here/so obviously they aint found the message - I get flyer by the second 'til the time I find the exit/I'M TIMELESS

And I get better with time/ahead of my time/still several steps from my prime


And I get better with time/ahead of my time/behind several steps from my prime

Track Name: Dynasty
This is a dynasty/no time for minor leagues/

dope rhymes and grimey beats/shine on society...

Hungry on the grind/constantly tryin to find hustle inside of me/

no blind sides/my mind's eye is functioning properly

A fine line divides my grind from robbery/

cuz I'm a lion/I gotta get mine/FUCK THE MODESTY

My aura's that of a warrior who is not at peace/

they unlocked a beast and got LaRok hot off the leash

I'm fire on a beat/rhyme for a week/

bomb the streets with solid, raw molotov heat/Peep...

If it's drama - I spot it/you want a problem - I got it/

I'm on the top of a tower/no warning shots for cowards

Ya fraudulent ass is garbage/you are not sick/

and I do not spit/I vomit a hot sixteen

like bada bing - fuggetaboutit/

naw, it's not fair/but I don't care how you feel about it/GET AROUND IT

Cuz aint no gettin over/you dealin wit a soldier/

the only shit you get is a chip off a cold shoulder

I'm a snake charmer/I control cobras/

wit hypnotizing movements led by the music

They deaf, blind, and stupid/But why the confusion?/

I already said why I do this

I'm true to the art/what you do in the dark comes to light/


But, I never heard a dog bark when it bites/

and ya life just don't resemble ya bars when you write

I aint the type to get caught in the hype/

you the type to get caught and forfeit a fight!

I'm a bit short of a full set of cards/

you the opposite of hard tryin to bullshit wit God!

But my vision is clear/I got rid of the fear/

this real shit about to kill it this year!/Yeah....