Rape of No Nation

by S t. L a R o k

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[Verse 1]

Truth came in the form of a missed phone call/We ignored it, then we built stonewalls to conceal hurt and the real dirt on our own porch

Don't know how long we been gone for, but we came home to some strange times/Black snake in the pipeline; pesticide on the grapevine

Young Blood throwing gang signs/Young girl getting raped by the same guy that made her feel safe, now a date night ends in a faint cry

We drank wine and we stayed high, tryin' to be merry; that's gay, right?/Tore the club up, now there's no PULSE in our vein, right?

Ignorance is bliss - we don't give a shit when them killers take aim, right?/'Til it hits home like they sent drones to your place, right? Can't see the sun for these Gray skies

Now Freddie's dead...[sacrificed] Amerikkkas nightmare in Black and White/Breaking apart ties like Cape Town

Break a wishbone and then hope they don't break mine with a stick, stone, or a brick thrown in a hate crime/This syndrome is symptoms of a breakdown in the system

They get nervous from my skin tone; add injury to that insult/It heals slow, but I'm still broke, getting pissed on in a shit storm - DAMN!...

Politicians hiding how they feel about each other shaking hands/They just sit and smile, and take a picture while the shit is flying off the ceiling fan

From Indigenous to Palestinian, they want the Native man off of sacred land/And to me there really ain't no difference from a reservation and concentration camp

In between a Rock and the government, we will never hesitate to take a Stand/A slingshot with a rubber band could turn a celebration to a change of plans...

'Cause the strongest ain't Goliath...or the loudest in the building/I ain't preaching to the choir...I'm trying to free the children

And they ready, too; there's young leaders up in every school/Just make sure they got medical and they bellies full with some healthy food

They don't need your superstition...all they need is supervision/To see through the fiction when your True Religion is consumerism

Sometimes a wolf gotta dress the part and play the Black sheep, but now the wool's gone/I could lead the pack thru the middle of the street running with the bullhorns

That's no fear - I detect a threat through the roots of my nose hairs/got eyes behind my forehead, and I see sound that you won't hear

I felt a shift from the outer body to the inner limits/All Black matter - that's a mirror image; I ain't never scared when them windows tinted

Fuck squad cars hiding Klan sheets, operations of a grand scheme/and the hibernation of a population having bad dreams, I can't sleep

Keeping fires burning like a trailblazer, I'm the hell raiser sent by heaven's Queen/with a canteen full of kerosene and knapsack with a pair of wings...

I'm not selling dreams...or avoiding what's ahead of me/Alchemists create better things...welcome to 2017...

[Verse 2]

Day to day I laid awake, couldn't stay a slave to those Madmen/Had to break away from the labor pains and that caravan thru the badlands

I was lost/I evolved/I rethought/what I was taught/Dialogue/I respond/I am God/right or wrong(?)

Visions of the most high/Image from my own kind/Black woman, so scorned/Wrath coming/Oh, Lord...

Have love for my soul/Let us praise(Her) everyday/As above, so below - levitate, levitate

Out of body experience/I enter rings like a featherweight/My Stargate's made of melanin and that element won't ever break

We represent a residence where your rhetoric don't resonate/My elephants hold fellowship and that sentiment holds hella weight

You do the math, I'm moving fast on the astral plane in the passing lane/Steering wheels thru different realms, and I'm seeing things that I can't explain

No switching gears, no interchange - It's full speed when I hear the bang/Can't interfere with this mission here; I'm sucka free, just clear the way...

And I move like a alien through these wild streets full of cowboys/Don't call me no American, your medicine is my downfall

Earth, wind, firewater - I was high on all when I found God/It's like fighting monsters on ayahuasca - that's inner peace for a outlaw...


released January 1, 2017
Written and produced by St. LaRok for LoSt.aRk Sound

Recorded and mixed by Max Morime and Andrew Krivonos at The Brewery Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY



all rights reserved


S t. L a R o k New York

INFLUENCED BY MANY. FOLLOWER OF NONE...the product of 80's avant-garde eclecticism, early 90's Hip Hop aesthetic, and now-skool sensibilities.

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